maanantai 25. maaliskuuta 2013

My type of guy

Few months back, I was visiting my friend in middle Finland. I got many new friends, and one that I got to know very well, was Joel. I was so happy, when he was always up for a little shoot!

So, the village I was visiting has many empty, “hounted” houses and of course I was excited to see those! Even tho at the time I took these photos it was a day time, I thought the place was super scary.

My type of guy

My type of guy 005

My type of guy 001

My type of guy 002


















Near the house, there was loads of weird stuff, like this super old peace of newspaper.

My type of guy 004

My type of guy 003

Even if I didn’t want to go inside the house, the place was very nice and beautiful. I miss Joel so so much, and I wish to see him soon!

sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013

Shoes are made for walkin

Anything Could Happen 002

Anything Could Happen 001

Anything Could Happen 003So, I had to put these photos in two parts, ‘cause I got some problems with the colors, and I just couldn’t fit them together in any fine way.

The first photo is my absolute favorite! For some reason I just love it, and her shoes are so cute :) I have same problem with the last photo! Her legs just are amazing.

This shoot didn’t go as well as we planned, and it was also freezing. Anyways, I like the photos!


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Anything Could Happen

Once again we wanted to take some photos outside, even tho the snow is dirty near roads. I thought that it would be nice to take photos in the fields, but there was too much snow and Janna was naked, if compared to weather. But it was loads of fun, and I got to take photos of Janna with that super cool wig!

Anything Could Happen 004

Anything Could Happen 005

Anything Could Happen 006


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Little Milka

Today we were taking photos of Milka. She is the cutest little thing!



Janna & Milka




















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Icy Road

I’m at Jannas place, and since it’s very beautiful around here, we thought that it would be nice to take a little round with camera. Soon the snow will be gone, so now it’s time for last wintery photos, right?



Icy Road 001

Icy Road 002

Here roads are super icy at this time of the year, so walking with heels might have it’s own problems. Luckily Janna has done that many times before, so for her it was nothing.

I thought, that the road was very beautiful while sun was touching it, but it was getting dark already, so I couldn’t capture it at it’s best. I still think, that the backround of the photos is super pretty, even tho it was so much prettier watching with your own eyes.


Watch the heels. Aren’t they just perfectly in the upper photo?

AAJANNA VALMIS pienempi 001


I loooove Jannas face. It’s not ordinary, and I think her chin is so beautiful. With her it’s super easy to shoot, ‘cause I can say anything and she is up to it already.

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