maanantai 25. maaliskuuta 2013

My type of guy

Few months back, I was visiting my friend in middle Finland. I got many new friends, and one that I got to know very well, was Joel. I was so happy, when he was always up for a little shoot!

So, the village I was visiting has many empty, “hounted” houses and of course I was excited to see those! Even tho at the time I took these photos it was a day time, I thought the place was super scary.

My type of guy

My type of guy 005

My type of guy 001

My type of guy 002


















Near the house, there was loads of weird stuff, like this super old peace of newspaper.

My type of guy 004

My type of guy 003

Even if I didn’t want to go inside the house, the place was very nice and beautiful. I miss Joel so so much, and I wish to see him soon!

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